We are often asked, why does a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system need a service plan? To businesses that could (or have) suffered detrimental effect of a power cut, like the loss of revenue, the benefits of a UPS system are obvious. The value of the investment in a UPS system comes in their ability to provide uninterruptible clean power that protects and extends the life of high value, often essential equipment. But what is equally important is a well-qualified service plan.

Why does a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) System need a Service Plan?

The correct service plan can extend the life of a UPS by many years protecting not only the UPS, but your business as well. Just like when your car goes without maintenance and checks, problems will inevitably occur. A significant vulnerability of a UPS system is the batteries. Up to 20% of failures can be attributed to bad batteries. This can be a big problem as batteries are the heart of the system consequently we offer battery impedance testing. This ensures that the batteries don't fail at a critical moment. While a large number of UPS problems are battery related, they are far from the only source. Fans and capacitors are amongst the other common problems that could arise. A fan failure could lead to overheating of the equipment, while a blown capacitor could cause the UPS to go into bypass mode, removing the protection it provides. UPS batteries

What kind of Service Plan does UPS Systems offer?

First of all, an effective UPS service plan includes an annual preventative maintenance schedule for both UPS and batteries. This, together with access to a rapid emergency response from trained UPS engineers, with 24/7 availability and guaranteed on-site response times. These services should be backed by technical support and a dedicated hotline, furthermore, UPS monitoring services, with monthly trended reporting, 24/7 alarm notification, and rapid response call-out and regular impedance testing should also be included. A UPS system service plan provides a complete solution to these problems and more. We can offer the following and more:

  • Support for UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and diesel generators from the majority of global equipment manufacturers
  • Bring all
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