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  1. Making money from your standby generator

    In case you haven't heard, we're on the edge of an energy crisis in the UK. It may not be common knowledge yet, but the National Grid has to work harder than ever before to balance supply and demand. And demand is increasing faster than supply. However, if you are the proud owner of a diesel or gas-powered standby generator that you use to provide backup power for your business, the UK energy crisis might be an opportunity for you. In order to balance supply and demand, the National Grid has a few options. The way that it balances real-time demand for power is by varying the supply frequency. You'll probably remember from your physic

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  2. Free cooling for data centres

    There's no arguing with the fact that data centres and server rooms use a lot of energy. And one of the biggest contributors to the energy bill is the cost of data centre cooling, especially when using

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  3. Change your Uninterruptible Power Supply System Topology

    There are several ways to configure an Uninterruptible Power Supply System. Each topology offers different benefits. To support an 80 kVA load, we could use any of the below approaches:


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  4. Invest in high-efficiency standby power solutions

    Some manufacturers offer high-efficiency standby power solutions with ‘eco-mode’ and ‘high-capacity’ UPS.

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  5. Modernise your UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system

    Inefficient Power System

    Using old and inefficient uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) leads to higher running costs. UPS systems that are too big for the load they're protecting waste money

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  6. UPS Systems plc to focus on data centre power efficiency at Data Centre World

    Data centre power efficiency is an issue for the gridHungerford, February 13th 2012

    At Data Centre World, UPS Systems plc will focus on what is still one of the greatest challenges for data centre managers today how to reduce

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  7. How to specify your UPS (Uninterrutpible Power Supply) System

    Having sufficient standby power is essential if you want to protect your electrical equipment against mains failure. What should you consider when you specify your UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system?

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  8. How to size Diesel Generators

    size generatorsWhen thinking about how to size diesel generators, the most important thing to remember is that your generator size must exceed your UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) power rating. This is because

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