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  1. What is Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)?

    Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a way of determining how efficiently a data centre uses energy. PUE measures how much energy is used to power the IT equipment in a data centre in comparison with how much energy it takes to run the facility (i.e cooling, lighting etc.). PUE is determined by dividing the amount of power entering a data center by the power used to run the computer infrastructure within it. A PUE survey will give a data centre a PUE of 1 or above. According to the Uptime Institutes 2014 Data Centre Survey, the average PUE for respondents' largest data centres is 1.7.

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  2. Underwater Data Centres - an Effective Cooling Solution?

    As a result of the huge amount of heat generated by Data Centres, companies are always looking for effective cooling solutions. One of the more unusual ideas for keeping data

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  3. What are the Reasons for UPS Battery Failure?

    Without regular servicing, your UPS can fail, leaving you at risk of losing vital data. The biggest reason for this is UPS battery failure. Below, we take a look at what causes a UPS battery to fail.

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  4. Data Centre Response Ltd Acquires UPS Systems plc

    We are pleased to announce that Data Centre Response Ltd (DCResponse), one of the UK's leading providers of power protection solutions, has completed the purchase of UPS Systems plc. The acquisition brings together two strong businesses, each providing areas of expertise which complement each other to enhance the offerings of both companies. DCResponse are experts in UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), generator and maintenance and have an impressive track record of helping organisations protect their critical data against the abnormalities of the power supply. They hold an impressive client list, including some of the largest retailers, Universities & Local Authorities in the UK. As combined businesses, we can now offer the UK's widest range of UPS products from over 30 manufacturers as well as a complete design and build data room service backed up by a 24/7 - 4 hour response nationwide to protect customers' key infrastructure. There will be no name change and we will continue as UPS Systems plc. DCResponse acquired 100% of the share capital in UPS Systems plc. The deal was brokered by John Peers, Joint MD of DCResponse, he said: "The combination of two strong, complementary companies will mean that we can offer our clients more products, services and support throughout the UK. We aim to drive significant growth through offering best in class power protection solutions." For more information on the acquisition and what we can now offer, contact

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