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  1. What is Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)?

    Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a way of determining how efficiently a data centre uses energy. PUE measures how much energy is used to power the IT equipment in a data centre in comparison with

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  2. Underwater Data Centres - an Effective Cooling Solution?

    As a result of the huge amount of heat generated by Data Centres, companies are always looking for effective cooling solutions. One of the more unusual ideas for keeping data

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  3. What are the Reasons for UPS Battery Failure?

    Without regular servicing, your UPS can fail, leaving you at risk of losing vital data. The biggest reason for this is UPS battery failure. Below, we take a look at what causes a UPS battery to fail.

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  4. Data Centre Response Ltd Acquires UPS Systems plc

    We are pleased to announce that Data Centre Response Ltd (DCResponse), one of the UK's leading providers of power protection solutions, has completed the purchase of UPS Systems plc. The acquisition

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