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  1. Backup Power for Security Systems

    Security systems can be a variety of measures or deterrents for example alarms, EAS gates in retail even more so than ever and CCTV cameras are used by a wide range of businesses as well as used residentially it is vital for you to have your security installed and it's equally crucial to have a UPS system backup power for security systems.


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    What does it look like?

    It is a 12-character long alphanumeric string.


    Where can I find it?

    You will usually find the PRTK code either on the back of your UPS or inside some units' doors.


    What is a PRTK code needed for?

    A PRTK code is crucial for communicating and monitoring your UPS system. The code is required to identify and link the UPS – or other devices such as automatic t

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  3. Can you low load a diesel generator?

    diesel generator  The engines that are used in diesel generators are designed to use as much power as possible, from 30% up to 100% of the declared maximum power available.
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  4. UPS Systems for Game Consoles

    UPS Systems for Game Consoles

    UPS for gaming computers is an increasingly new trend that we are constantly seeing we've even seen them for games consoles. This is because these UPS systems will back it up and keep your computer or gaming console running

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