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  1. Powering the edge: designing standby power solutions for edge data centres

    edge date centres in higher educationThere are several essential requirements when it comes to designing data centres: power, cooling and network connectivity. It’s vital to ensure that your power supply is stable and sufficient and will

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  2. What is an Edge Data Centre?

    Typically data centres have been very large and expensive

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  3. How to keep on running during a power cut

    How to keep on running during a power cut

    While at the Dementia Care and

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  4. The importance of edge data centres for higher education

    Data centres and networking are at the heart of the modern university. Effective IT planning and wise investment in infrastructure can help universities to address many of the challenges they face. Adopting an edge-based approach means many institutions can deliver better services to students and staff, helping them to stay ahead of the global competition.

    The challenges faced by higher educationedge date centres in higher education

    The global nature of today's higher education (HE) market puts pressure on institutions to deliver an even better working environment for their staff and students. The rise of Big Data and High Process Computing across all fields of research are increasing the demands on creaking IT infrastructure. There are also physical challenges such as space constraints and energy efficiency

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  5. What is a Generator?

    If you're here, then you're wondering, what is a generator? And why do I need one for my business? First of all, what is a diesel generator? A diesel generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. In the event of a power failure, the generator is there to support your essential systems, for up to 72 hours. But how do you know if a generator is right for you? The main purpose of a diesel generator is to supply long-term backup power. If you have systems that you can't afford to down for a long period of time, then a generator is right for you. Different size generators can be provided depending on how much power your business needs.

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  6. Together Housing Group Data Centre Move - Week 7

    You can download the whole case study as a PDF here.

    Previously: -

    The generator plinth had been completed and the air-conditioning units were installed. Everything was ready for the final stage.

    You can read about Week 5/6 here.

    Week 7: -

    Week 7 started with the
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  7. Thanks to everyone who visited us at the Care Expo 18

    It has been a week since the UPS Systems Care Expo Stand We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our stand, whether it was to discuss your backup power requirements, take a look at our generators and UPS systems or just to pick up one of our USB sticks. If you registered any interest at the show, you will be contacted in the near future so we can discuss your requirements.

    Didn't pick up a USB Stick, but still want the information that was on it?

    You can Download It Here!

    Our Seminar

    On the 25th April 2018, UPS System's Commercial Director, Jack Ogden, did a seminar on 'How to keep on running in a Power Cut'. This seminar detailed the perils
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  8. Get your free £50 Netflix Gift Card from Vertiv Now!

    In order to claim your £50 Netflix gift card, you must provide a copy of the reseller invoice(s). Once the sale is verified by Vertiv, one £50 Netflix gift card will be dispatched directly by Netflix. P

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