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  1. Life Safety System Backup

    A smoke ventilation company contacted UPS Systems plc to provide a power protection solution for the life saving smoke ventilation system being installed in the apartment building near Hyde park. The smoke ventilation system requires a power protection solution to ensure that the system remains operational should the building experience a power outage during an emergency situation.

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  2. The Importance of Backup Power in the NHS

    Back Power NHS

    The Importance of Backup Power in the NHS

    The National Health Service (NHS) is the backbone of the UK’s healthcare system, providing essential medical services to millions of people every day. With the growing demand for healthcare services, the NHS must ensure that it has the necessary infrastructure and equipment to support its operations. One of the key components of this infrastructure is backup power.

    In the NHS, backup power is essential for maintaining the continuous delivery of medical services in the event of a power outage or other emergency. The healthcare sector is highly dependent on power, as many medical devices and systems require electrical power to operate. This includes critical systems such as life support machines, ventilators, a

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