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  1. Why do you need Backup Power for your Data Centre?

    It is critically important that your data centre has 100% availability. It can be shown that an 80KW data centre will lose £44k during an outage. Furthermore, 60% of businesses that suffer a prolonged outage will go out of business in less than a year. Smaller data centres

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  2. The future of edge data centres

    edge date centres in higher educationAs the internet matures, network traffic will continue to change shape as new technologies place new demands on existing networks. This means that infrastructure and our approach to it must adapt accordingly. Edge data centres bring lower latency and higher bandwidth to towns and cities, away from the core of the network. Therefore, increasing the number of edge data centres could be a way to meet these demands. Below we look at some of the key challenges we face and how the edge can help.

    Keeping the internet of things connected

    The challenge The internet of things (IoT) – the network of devices that add sensors and other capabilities to objects – continues to grow. With everything from cars to fridges sending data across the network, the requirements for processing this data close to the source are increasing exponentially. Benefits of the edge Edge data centres can support the growth of this market by increasing performance and reducing the amount of data transiting networks. Colocation offers fast and scalable provision for IoT providers, which is one reason that new colocation data centres with smaller footprints are opening up around the network edge. How we can help Our Data Centre Solutions can make specifying and installing edge data centre equipment simple. Contact usto discuss your requirements.

    Edge data centres for industry

    The challenge As the industry seeks ever greater efficiency, Big Data and connectivity are becoming more crucial to business success. However, industrial sites are often located far from the network edge, making latency a

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  3. Why should you have a service contract?

    You have bought a UPS and your systems are protected.

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  4. Monitoring and maintenance for your edge data centre

    edge data in higher educationBy their nature, edge data centres can be in remote locations away from your core IT system. This makes remote monitoring essential to manage the uptime and efficiency of systems – particularly for critical

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