1. British public could face blackouts as coronavirus lockdown continues

    Homes across the country could soon suffer from power cuts as the coronavirus lockdown continues. All energy suppliers have put all non-essential work on hold as they prepare for a potential shortage of engineers caused by social distancing, self-isolation and staff sickness. Uninterruptible Power Supply
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  2. Home Office Backup Power

    Home offices are more important than ever now a lockdown has been declared. Ensuring that PC's, phones and broadband don't go down in a power cut is now essential to continuing to work at home. Home Office Backup Power
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  3. Backup Power for Servers supporting Staff working from home (WFH)

    UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Work from Home Having staff working from home is becoming more common, with 25% of the UK workforce at least partly working from home. This can substantially increase in exceptional circumstances, like the coronavirus measure that has been put forward by the government.
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