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  1. Now Hiring: Sales Executive

    UPS systems Group together with its sister Companies DCResponse, Computer Power Protection and Powersaver Ltd, Cetronic Power Solutions Ltd and Standby power Generation UK Ltd provide complete turnkey power protection solutions across the UK. We require a candidate for a combined sales, key account management and new business development role.

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  2. Uninterrupted Power: The Benefits of Remote Monitoring for Your UPS

    Uninterrupted Power: The Benefits of Remote Monitoring for Your UPS

    In today's interconnected world, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems are essential for maintaining critical operations and data integrity. But what if you could not only rely on your UPS but also have the ability to monitor and manage it remotely? That's where remote monitoring for your UPS comes in.

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  3. How to size a UPS

    Step 1: Identify the total power consumption of your connected devices.
    Step 2: Add up the wattage of all devices to determine your load.
    Step 3: Choose a UPS with a capacity higher than your total load for extended backup.
    Step 4: Safeguard critical devices by connecting them to the UPS
    Step 5: Test your setup to ensure seamless power transition during outages.

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  4. Job Opportunity: UPS Service Engineer – Field based (England)

    Type: Permanent Location: As above Salary: Negotiable

    We are looking for a skilled electronics engineer who wants to be part of a growing company

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  5. Eyre Building Services

    A Mechanical, Electrical and Maintenance facility reached out to us with a specific requirement for a UPS system. This facility needed a reliable UPS system to support a continuous load of 12.24 amps per phase. Additionally, their load had a start-up current of 89.15 amps.

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