King’s College London, founded in 1829, is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. The campus spans multiple buildings and hosts a diverse range of academic, research, and administrative activities. Kings College reached out to us at UPS Systems for a backup power solution to provide a layer of protection for two emergency lifts. The lift motors were critical for the daily functioning of the campus, requiring continuous power to both lift motors to ensure everyone could evacuate the building in case of a power failure. Lift motors are sensitive to power fluctuations and require a stable power supply to prevent damage and ensure the safety of occupants. With unpredictable power outages becoming a concern, King’s College London sought a reliable solution to maintain operations during unforeseen power disruptions.


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“UPS systems are essential for the safe operation of lifts and emergency lighting, we are experts in assisting clients in staying compliant ”
Jack Ogden, Commercial Director | UPS Systems PLC

The successful integration of a customised UPS system at King’s College London exemplifies the importance of proactive power management in ensuring the smooth operation of critical campus facilities. By addressing the challenges associated with lift motor power supply, the university has strengthened its commitment to safety, operational continuity, and emergency preparedness. This case study serves as a model for educational institutions seeking to fortify their infrastructure against power disruptions.