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  1. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Service Engineer goes back to school

    UPS Engineer Mark Trafford: I like variety, and being a field UPS service engineer ensures that no two days are ever the same. It was an early start again today with a full day planned, but

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  2. Testing times for diesel generator maintenance

    UPS engineer Mark Trafford: It was another early start today time waits for no UPS engineer! With all the equipment and tools ready, we travelled up to Manchester where we were to test a 60kVA

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  3. PowerBox: self-contained standby power

    Are you looking for a self-contained uninterruptible power system to provide flexible and reliable standby power for your business? UPS Systems plc is one of the first standby power providers to stock,

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  4. Power cuts biggest cause of business disruption in the UK

    Tom Sperrey, Managing Director of UPS Systems plc: According to Sungard Availability Services, power cuts were the single biggest cause of business disruption in 2011, with incidents in 2011 rising

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