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  1. How Care Homes Protect Their Residents Using Our Solution

    Understanding the perspective of residents

    While residents are not be directly involved in the decision-making or implementation of power protection systems, their comfort, safety, and well-being are closely tied to the reliability of such systems. Residents knowing that there are backup power systems in place, may give your residents a sense of security. This knowledge can be reassuring, especially for your residents who are reliant on continuous medical support or other critical services and equipment. Residents will not directly be engaging with power protection units as medical equipment, but they trust care home management to ensure their well-being. Any communication or education about the installation and maintenance of power protection systems will instil confidence in the care provided.

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  2. Kings College - UPS for Lifts

    Kings College reached out to us at UPS Systems for a backup power solution to provide a layer of protection for two emergency lifts. The lift motors were critical for the daily functioning of the campus, requiring continuous power to both lift motors to ensure everyone could evacuate the building in case of a power failure.

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  3. 2024 Trends: Businesses Opting For UPS Systems

    As we have advanced into the technology-driven landscape of 2024, businesses are recognising the critical importance of uninterrupted power supplies more than ever. The surge in adopting an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system and backup power solutions is reshaping the way companies approach business continuity and safeguarding their operations. These businesses have realised that technology is more prominent with the need to stay up to date with the current technological advances to be able to compete against their competitors. Joining the tech race comes with new risks to businesses and our solution mitigates these problems that you may face. Let us explain how!

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  4. Riello UPS Remote Monitoring Communication Options

    Riello UPS offer multiple communication options that are available to your uninterrupted power supply systems. These communication options can work in conjunction and allow you to remotely monitor your UPS system with ease. Here are the different options you can utilise. 


    The USB RS-232 

    The USB RS-232 is a greatly recognised easy to use with a seamless integration communication option for Riello UPS Systems. We find that the RS-232 is the go to choice because of its quick straightforward integration, by using this option you are able to have real-time monitoring of your UPS unit locally

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  5. Why you should dispose of your UPS batteries correctly

    UPS Unit Battery Disposal ExpertsUPS Batteries Disposal

    Disposing of uninterruptible Power Supply batteries by yourself is highly un-recommended. This is because UPS units come with internal or external batteries, getting access, disconnecting and removing these batteries does require a professional to do so. Please contact us today so we can assist you.

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  6. Start Your New Year with Peace of Mind With Our Backup Power Solutions

    Our Backup Power Solutions

    Start this New Year with the knowledge of the importance of uninterrupted power for your business by utilising uninterruptible power supplies and generators. Whether you're running a business or safeguarding your home, power outages can disrupt your plans and cause a costly unexpected downtime.

    We specialise in providing cutting-edge backup power solutions that ensure your year starts and continues smoothly. We supply and install a wide range ofuninterruptible power supplies from major manafacturers such as Riello UPS and Eaton UPS. We also supply and commision generators. Please contact us today for quick quotes and to answer any queries you may have. 

    Why Choose Our Backup Power Solutions?

    • Reliability: Our backup power systems are built to perform when you need them most. They kick into

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  7. Uninterrupted Power: The Benefits of Remote Monitoring for Your UPS

    Uninterrupted Power: The Benefits of Remote Monitoring for Your UPS

    In today's interconnected world, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems are essential for maintaining critical operations and data integrity. But what if you could not only rely on your UPS but also have the ability to monitor and manage it remotely? That's where remote monitoring for your UPS comes in.

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  8. Eyre Building Services

    A Mechanical, Electrical and Maintenance facility reached out to us with a specific requirement for a UPS system. This facility needed a reliable UPS system to support a continuous load of 12.24 amps per phase. Additionally, their load had a start-up current of 89.15 amps.

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  9. Air Control Backup Power

    Upperton Pharma Solutions is a Pharmaceutical Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation which produces critical medicines. They contacted UPS Systems PLC with a requirement for a UPS that would support their Air Handling Unit in its HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system.

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  10. UPS Replacement - Geo Data

    Geo data specialist company in Oxfordshire contacted UPS Systems PLC to replace the existing UPS system supporting the IT infrastructure within the building. The IT facilities required an up to date protection solution to ensure that the system remains operational should the building experience a power outage.

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