The Backup Power and Data centre industry is still in a state of constant growth and evolution. Here are some backup power and  data centre trends that will be critically important for 2019:

Edge Computing

With Edge Computing technology now in a position to support a variety of requirements, these decentralised mini data centres will become more popular in 2019. Edge computing allows the processing of information to be kept close to the user, allowing quicker turn as well as spreading the information out across multiple edge data centres, rather than being centralised in a single data centre.

The Cloud

The Cloud is likely to see a decline in popularity at some point in 2019. This is due to due to rising costs as well as issues including space, connection and security. The Cloud definitely is the best option for some users, but it has been sold as a catch-all solution and this isn’t the case. With this in mind, some business will move back to their own data centres, or a hybrid system.


Critical power needs are going to rise in 2019, which will make it necessary for companies to have more energy available through battery storage. As battery costs are still coming down, batteries are more viable than ever before for the critical power needs of data centres and other large facilities.

UPS Systems

Data centres can increase efficiency by switching to modular UPS. 2019 will increase demand for data and deeper data analyses that need to be stored and processed as well as an increase in power requirements for server rooms.  Modular UPS fitting into a rack reducing space, while proving the power protection that is required. With no need for transformers and a more compact size than a conventional tower UPS system, these systems run more efficiently and can scale vertically or horizontally to meet companies’ critical power needs.


Gas Generators may start to replace diesel equivalents. Gas generators are cleaner-burning and cut costs as well as minimise energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Diesel generators can also present logistical challenges when they need to be refuelled, especially in storms and other extreme circumstances.

Data Centres

Use of data centres will increase in 2019, because of companies either reducing the cloud or to take advantage of some of the above benefits. New technologies are also being developed, which are designed to increase a data centre’s efficiency and cut operating costs.


In recent years a UPS reselling industry has emerged and it will continue to grow in 2019. As companies replace their old UPS with newer versions, the old UPS can be reused. Recouping the investment cost of the equipment makes good financial sense for companies looking to reduce costs. Not only does it make sense monetarily, but it is also good for the environment.

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