Riello UPS offer multiple communication options that are available to your uninterrupted power supply systems. These communication options can work in conjunction and allow you to remotely monitor your UPS system with ease. Here are the different options you can utilise. 


The USB RS-232 

The USB RS-232 is a greatly recognised easy to use with a seamless integration communication option for Riello UPS Systems. We find that the RS-232 is the go to choice because of its quick straightforward integration, by using this option you are able to have real-time monitoring of your UPS unit locally and remotely. The information that the RS-232 updates you about consists of but is not limited to, your load levels, battery health and input/output voltages.

The RS-232 is a robust reliable developed device and its name reflects this (Recommended Standard 232), the device offers a constant, stable and consistent data transmission.



The SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is an internet standard protocol that facilitates the exchange of management information. Any Riello UPS System that is equipped with SNMP adapters allows access to administrators to view critical information and take control of their UPS system anywhere with an internet connection. The SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) offers remote monitoring, fast alerts and notifications and a seamless integration. 


The NetMan 204

Riello UPS NetMan 204 Network Card

The NetMan 204 is currently obsolete and has been replaced with the NetMan 208 which we do supply. The NetMan is a network-card designed by Riello UPS. The NetMan 204 can be used in various sectors and applications such as:

  • Data Centres
  • Telecommunication Infrastructure
  • Industrial Processes
  • Health care Facilities

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The NetMan 208

The NetMan 208 has had several key improvements advancing forward from the NetMan 204. 

  • Faster and more reliableNetMan 208 network card
  • Streamlined Monitoring & Control
  • Enhanced Remote Management
  • Robust Security Features

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The Riello MultiCOM


Riello UPS MultiCOM provides a set of relay contacts to provide UPS alarm and status indication. The contacts are connected through terminal connections. Signal contacts include Emergency Power Off (EPO), Remote Shut Down (RSD), On Battery, On Bypass, Alarm and Low battery. The MultiCOM serves a wide range of applications, including data centres, telecommunication infrastructure, industrial processes, and healthcare facilities. Its ability to ensure uninterrupted power, maintain connectivity, and safeguard critical equipment makes it an indispensable asset in these environments.

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Riello UPS MultiCOM 392 Contacts Board