Uninterruptible Power Supply

A Sound Engineering Company contacted us with a requirement for a rack-mountable UPS System that needed to support a 10kVA load for 6 hours supporting audio amplifiers.

The customer was looking for a rack-mountable system that was able to provide a 10kVA load for 6 hours at full load. Initially, this seemed like a solution wasn’t possible as there isn’t a standard UPS available to facilitate this requirement.

The first solution we offered was a Riello Sentryum 40kVA with extra batteries to give a longer run time. This would have been suitable, but the recharge time would be an incredibly long time. Longer than would be acceptable if multiple power cuts occurred close together. In addition, the UPS and batteries were too large for the rack space the customer had available.

After a bit of research, the issue was resolved by using two SDU 10000 DI ER running in parallel with five 7Ah batteries for each unit. The customer had 42U rack space available and this new solution required 40U of space.

The pair of SDU 10000 DI ER’s were installed with an external maintenance bypass switch. This allows safe isolation during maintenance visits, without any interruption to the customer's load.

With the new UPS systems & bypass switch in place, the audio amplifiers are now secure against power cuts. The audio amplifiers are a crucial element to the customer's business, so ensuring that they constantly had power in the case of a power cut was crucial.

UPS Systems PLC specialises in the specification, supply and maintenance of uninterruptible power supplies and generators to create best fit bespoke standby power solutions for our customers.

In addition, UPS Systems have access to the widest selection of products on the market today and a completely ‘independent’ vendor-neutral ethos, allowing us to create truly best fit, bespoke uninterruptible power systems.

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