The UK is still suffering under the COVID-19 pandemic, which is continuing to put a strain on key workers not just in healthcare, but also in supermarkets, warehouses, public transport and deliveries, and countless other environments.

The infrastructure supporting businesses is also extremely important. Regardless of whether employees are still working at home or have moved back into the office, they will need the IT infrastructure to support them.

We depend on our home IT to not only keep us working or keeping our businesses afloat, but also for the virtual gatherings with our family and friends so vital to our mental wellbeing in these strange and unsettling times. Beyond these immediately visible circumstances, availability of IT and communications systems for emergency services and delivery logistics is more than ever essential.

UPS Maintenance is essential

Regular maintenance is always critical but right now maintenance of your server or data centre’s equipment, including its UPSs, generators and emergency lighting switchgear, should be stepped up rather than relaxed. This will ensure that your equipment remains fit to handle any and all the demand, while potential faults are cleared before they can cause system failures.

However, is this desirable scenario currently achievable? Are equipment vendors still willing and able to supply the necessary support? After all, they need to keep their own and their customers’ employees safe. Nevertheless, with careful planning it is possible to offer a modified support service; one that does ensure employee safety while also following the relevant authorities’ recommendations.

UPS Maintenance Contract

Accordingly, UPS Systems plc has maintenance contracts to support all your equipment. Our remote monitoring services are still online, and obviously attractive parts of any maintenance package in the current situation.

Throughout lockdown and continuing now employee activities and on site visits have been continuing, where possible to safely do so. This means that all our normal maintenance support is available to all customers new and old. If you are interested in as UPS service contract please contact us here.

While we currently expect to complete all scheduled and ongoing works, UPS Systems plc recognises that our Service team may at some point become depleted through self-isolation or illness. They may also be called on at short notice to attend critical equipment for hospitals and other emergency services. To accommodate this, we ask for our customers’ understanding if we need some flexibility in fulfilling a visit date.

Overall, we will do whatever we realistically can to ensure our customers’ personal safety and economic wellbeing, and look forward to enjoying better times together in the future.