UPS Systems plc has launched REMO Live – the next generation in remote monitoring equipment. The first generation of REMO provided remote monitoring for power failures. REMO Live builds on this and acts as a diagnostic aid and helps IT managers to identify problems before they occur.

Developed in-house by standby power experts UPS Systems, REMO Live is a unique piece of remote monitoring equipment. It provides protection for a range of systems, including generators, UPS (uninterrutiple power supply) equipment and fuel cells, giving IT managers status reports on the most important aspects of their systems and equipment whenever they need them. As well as alerting users to equipment faults and power failures, REMO Live now monitors input and output voltage, load, battery capacity, temperature, and fuel levels. Users can log into REMO Live at any time through a secure web-based platform. REMO Live provides an overview of the system and then allows the user to drill down for more detailed reports about specific pieces of equipment. Furthermore, users can also view historical trends to anticipate potential issues and take appropriate preventative measures.

There is no other remote monitoring application available that spans the range of equipment, and offers the level of reporting that REMO Live does. Often we find that once our customers are out of the manufacturer’s warranty period, their equipment is no longer protected. Then without regular servicing and maintenance, their systems remain unmonitored and at risk. By offering real-time information, REMO Live gives IT managers’ peace of mind by protecting their systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.” - Tom Sperrey, Managing Director of UPS Systems.

REMO Live is available as a service, with subscriptions starting at just £395 pa. For more details, visit: