UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Work from HomeHaving staff working from home is becoming more common, with 25% of the UK workforce at least partly working from home. This can substantially increase in exceptional circumstances, like the coronavirus measure that has been put forward by the government. Whether you have people working at home due to an unforeseen event or as part of your business model, it is essential that they have access to the office servers that facilitate their work.  

The servers that most home user will require could just be used to store important documents or other key information or they could give them access to systems required to do their job. In either case, keep the server running is essential. Even a brief power cut could, at the very least, stop your employees from working. As servers are vulnerable to uncontrolled shutdown, a power cut could damage the server and stop your employees working at all.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

A correctly specified UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) will protect your server from these short power cuts, ensuring that employees can keep working from home and no damage is done to the server. UPS Systems plc can help you source the correct UPS unit. Please contact us and we will ask you some questions to ascertain the right UPS for you or request a free site survey. A UPS system is designed to supply power for up to an hour, but depending on the size and amount of UPS batteries, it could be longer. 

Diesel Generator

What if your server is affected by a longer-term power cut? What do you do then? In this case, a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) probably won't be suitable, as they are designed as a short term solution. To keep the power running in the long term a diesel generator is required. This will supply power for as long as there is fuel and it could be used to supply for days if necessary. A diesel generator installation always requires a site survey, so let us know if you need one.

Backup Power Solution

If you do decide to have a diesel generator, you should still consider having a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) alongside it. During a power cut, a generator can be designed to automatically startup, so you have power. Unfortunately, it takes up to a minute to start outputting the power you need to support your server. In that time the server could have gone through a forced shutdown and suffered internal damage or data corruption. A UPS system between the server and the diesel generator will supply enough power to keep the server running while the generator starts up, and no one at home will be any the wiser. 

UPS Systems have been supplying backup power solutions for over 25 years and can propose a solution regardless of the size of your requirement. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us. UPS Systems plc supply a wide range of uninterruptible power supplies including those from Riello UPS and Eaton UPS as well as the UPS battery packs designed to go with them. UPS Systems plc also offer various diesel generators including 60kva generator, 80kva generator and 100kva generator from a wide range of manufacturers including AKSA generator, SDMO generator and Pramac generator.