How to increase your UPS System's Lifetime

Your UPS system's lifetime isn't infinite. Just because it appears to be running correctly, it is unwise to believe it is fully operation, legal and fit for purpose. Power outages can last seconds to hours, or even longer. If your UPS isn't running correctly, recovery after a power failure could take, days, weeks or even months. The best way to increase your UPS system's lifetime is by, firstly doing preventative maintenance. Just like servicing your car, this ensures everything is running correctly, replaces fault or old parts and gives the engineer an opportunity to check out the UPS for a future problem. On a UPS system it is important to test transfer switches, maintenance bypasses and circuit breakers as well as use thermal imaging to locate hotspots. Next, it is important to check the protection settings and calibration, this allows for an assessment of what is going on in the UPS as well as if any components are nearing the end of their life. Finally, function load testing is completed, which includes steady-state load tests, which check the input/output conditions at varying loads and a complete test of the key operating systems including a monitored battery-rundown to ensure system continuity in a power outage.Engineer on site survey It’s critical that you maintain your UPS system to ensure that if there is a mains failure they continue to operate, and your sensitive IT equipment isn’t damaged.  If you neglect UPS maintenance, you put your business continuity strategy at risk. It is recommended that a UPS should be serviced annually. Our service team can support the servicing of UPS from most equipment manufacturers. Our basic maintenance contract includes:
  • Environmental checks
  • Electro-mechanical checks
  • UPS function testing
  • Battery assessment
  • Service sheets and documentation
Our comprehensive maintenance contract includes:
  • 24-hour support hotline
  • Guaranteed a four-hour response
  • Annual service, including parts and labour
  • Out-of-hours visits
  • Remote monitoring
  • Upgrade warranty

To find out more about how we can help you manage your UPS system's maintenance with a comprehensive and cost-effective service plan, please email our Service Team, or call 01488 505120. Alternatively, you can contact us here to arrange a free site survey.