Riello UPS Single Phase UPS

Key Benefits of the Riello UPS Single Phase UPS include:

  • Complete Range 0.4-20kVA

  • Small footprint

  • High efficiency of up to 96.5%

  • Zero impact source

  • Flexibility of use

  • Advanced communications

  • Covered by a Riello UPS standard warranty of up to 5 years

Riello UPS produce a wide range of small single phase UPS, from the humble iDialog to the flexible Multi Sentry, these UPS systems are ideal for anything fropm individual computers and consoles, to small server rooms. Once installed they ensure that your important equipment can be shut down correctly. Many of these nits can be supplied with supplementary batteries which allows them to keep support a large amount of devices or run a device for a longer period. 

You can see our range of single phase Riello UPS here.

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