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Disposing of uninterruptible Power Supply batteries by yourself is highly un-recommended. This is because UPS units come with internal or external batteries, getting access, disconnecting and removing these batteries does require a professional to do so. Please contact us today so we can assist you.

Battery Backup Disposal - The Correct Way

The importance of disposing of UPS unit batteries correctly leads to a number of reasons from a regulation point of view which is in place for safety and environmental reasons. 

  1. Waste Battery Regulations: In the UK, the disposal of batteries is primarily governed by the Waste Battery Regulations. These regulations aim to minimize the environmental impact of batteries by promoting recycling and proper disposal practices.

  2. Producer Responsibility Obligations: Battery manufacturers and producers have specific responsibilities under these regulations. They are often required to take back used batteries and ensure their proper recycling and disposal. This may include manufacturers/suppliers of UPS units that use batteries.

Compliance is essential, otherwise, consequences such as penalties, fines and legal consequences will be taken against you. That is why we are happy to help you, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your batteries have been disposed of correctly. 

We are Advocates of Sustainability 

We are pro-sustainable which is why we follow regulations. That is why when we dispose of UPS batteries we recycle them. By working together, we can protect our power and our planet.