What to consider when purchasing a UPS

Consider UPS System

UPS systems are the primary line of defence against power outages, therefore it’s necessary to know how long the UPS system can last and when to repair, maintain or replace it. A UPS is a sensitive piece of technology that contains batteries, capacitors, circuit boards and other components that are vulnerable to heat, moisture, dust and electrical disruptions. By understanding the various vulnerabilities of a UPS, you will understand how to ensure it keeps working optimally for as long as possible.

When considering whether or not to repair or replace a UPS system, it’s necessary to understand your backup power wants, your load necessities and your facility. Our UPS experts can assist you to verify the best time to buy a replacement system, as well as verify the sort of system that best meets your necessities, restrictions, and budget.

The key things to think about when purchasing a UPS are:

  • What is this load that needs to be supported?
  • How long does the load need to be supported?
  • Will the current load increase or decrease within the next 5-10 years?
  • What environment will the unit be put in (consider temperature, size, location, etc.)?

Total Cost

UPS systems will vary greatly in their initial price, however, throughout its lifetime, the UPS will need to be repaired and maintained, which will increase its total life-cycle value.

You should also be aware of:

  • Some systems are also cheap at first, however, the proprietary software system could lock you into costly maintenance contracts.
  • Low-efficiency units could coast thousands of extra pounds in utility costs each year.
  • Poor battery storage will increase prices considerably as the UPS will need more frequent battery replacements.

Most UPS systems are put in to shield a critical load, however, totally understanding how long the load will need to run will allow you to understand what type of UPS and power configuration is required to protect it for the required amount of time. UPS systems also protect from equipment damage, communications disruptions, loss of employee working hours and loss of information, as firms are progressively dependent on digital technologies, which can all be caused a simple power cut.

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