Some manufacturers offer high-efficiency standby power solutions with ‘eco-mode’ and ‘high-capacity’ UPS.

Eco-mode UPS

Smarter eco-mode systems constantly monitor the incoming power quality. They switch from efficient eco-mode to the more resilient (but less efficient) double-conversion mode when they detect a power disturbance. They offer the same level of protection against voltage disturbances as a permanently online UPS. However, because the inverter stays in standby mode for most of the time, they dramatically reduce overall power consumption.

High-capacity UPS

A high-capacity offline UPS has been developed that can protect loads of between 313 kVA and 20 MVA. When compared to an equivalent online double conversion UPS, this higher capacity unit offers power consumption savings of at least 7.5%. To put this in perspective, for a 1 MVA load, the annual power saving would be £80,000, or approximately £400,000 over five years. That’s equivalent to 300 metric tonnes of CO2.

Standby Power Solutions

At UPS Systems We specialise in the specification, supply and maintenance of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and generators to create best-fit bespoke standby power solutions for our clients and customers. Contact us for more information on high-efficiency standby power solutions, or for any standby power queries or enquiries.