Swindon powercut struck at 6pm on November the 15th. SSEN claimed 66 postcodes in SN1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 were affected by this powercut where street lights were out of action and houses and home offices were left with no power stopping remote workers from saving data and corrupting files. Almost 1,000 customers were affected negatively. Drivers were forced to use full beams on their cars to see the roads and the public had to use flashlights, phone torches and candles to see.

The power was thought to be out until midnight in this Swindon Powercut however power was restored within hours luckily. SSEN apologised because there were instances where some people in some parts of Swindon were left without power for a whole day, unfortunately. Borough and surrounding areas outside of the town such as Shrivenham, Sevenhampton, Wanborough and Bourton were all also left without power for a duration of time.

Here is why if you work in a home office it is critical to have a backup power supply installed. Having a home or office UPS system would have protected you during this powercut in Swindon enabling you to work undisrupted, save data and safely shut down all systems you have running.