U.K's first electric Prison

It is no shock to understand the prison needs constant power with the U.K's first electric prison under construction and a 'Disturbance' at immigration removal centre following a power outage... But it's more serious than you think.

A prison needs backup power to keep everyone inside and out safe. Should a power outage or full blackout in power hit a prison this will cause serious problems as cell doors could open due to fire safety and emergency lighting to be shut down. Needless to say, it is self explanatory as to why we need power. Not to mention fire systems would also be down causing a recipe for disaster and putting everyone inside the prison at risk if there was a potential fire.

U.K's first electric prison

In Full Sutton which is located in East Yorkshire, there is currently construction for the U.K's first electric prison creating 600 jobs which means it is going to be running solely on electricity. In contrast, the other sites will rely on gas. This prison will be opening in 2025 holding around 1500 prisoners.

U.K's first electric prison UPS System

Disturbance at immigration removal centre U.K

Just recently at Harmondsworth immigration removal centre near Heathrow airport, there was a power outage to follow up a 'Disturbance' at immigration removal centre "a group of detainees left their rooms and went out into the courtyard area armed with various weaponry, according to reports" said Sky News

"Electricity supplier SSE said in statement: "We experienced a high-voltage underground cable fault at midnight on Thursday which affected electricity supplies to 290 customers for one minute (including Harmondsworth)." This is an excellent example of what a UPS system and generator will protect you from so you will not be affected negatively in these situations. This could of all been avoided.

Harmondsworth immigration removal centre UPS system

How can a UPS systems benefit prisons in the U.K? Hopefully this blog has furthered your understanding and knowledge on how important a UPS system is when it comes to backup power.