Standby Power Generators are a key part of any power protection solution, regardless of application. If you are only using a generator for standby power it is essential that the diesel fuel is maintained alongside, or in addition to the generator. This is because that diesel left in a tank starts to degrades over long periods which can be harm full to the standby generator.

It is only recommended to keep fuel in a generator for 6-9 months without maintenance. This is because, since it was changed to reduce its CO2 output, diesel now has a lot more additives in it. Additive are much vulnerable to sludge build up and bacterial growth. This means it needs to be monitored more closely to stop the the fuel from degrading in anyway.

Fuel degradation is an inevitable, natural process. This means that adequate fuel sampling, testing, monitoring and fuel maintenance program is essential as fuel breakdown will continue to be an expensive liability and a major factor in your overall operating costs.

Diesel fuel is not homologous and no two batches will ever be identical. Fuel deterioration, filterability and shelf life depend on a variety of factors. Fuel breakdown is also accelerated by changes in temperature, water, microbial contamination and exposure to heat and pressure from the standby generator’s injection system.

If you have not had the diesel fuel in your diesel generator and/or fuel storage tank sampled, analysed, and monitored, the following may occur either within the fuel tank or the generator itself:

  • Starting system damage (battery, relays and electrical components)
  • The fuel inside the tank will appear dark
  • The tank will have an unusual odour
  • The generator output and engine performance could be intermittent
  • There will be sediment at the bottom of the tank
  • Exhaust from the generator engine will be dark in colour while running
  • The generator's fuel lines and filters will appear clogged
  • Fuel injection pump and injectors clogged or damaged

It is essential to check your diesel fuel regularly, as this will affect your standby generator’s ability to do its job dramatically. The fuel will be checked as part of any service that is done on the generator, but it is still worth doing this more frequently.

If you have any questions about Standby Generator Diesel Fuel Maintenance please contact us.