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  1. Christmas Closure Dates 2019


    We hope you have a fantastic holiday period and enjoy the time with your family and friends!

    We look forward to working with you in the New Year!

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  2. Product Focus - Riello UPS Sentryum 10-20kVA UPS

    Key Benefits of the Riello UPS Sentryum 10-20kVA UPS include:

    • Flexible choice of 3 cabinet sizes (Compact, Active, Xtend) 
    • Operating efficiency up to 96.5% (online mode) 
    • Delivers unity power factor (kVA = kW) 
    • High overload and short circuit capacity 
    • Large colour touchscreen display and LED status indicator  

    You can find the Riello Sentryum Range here.

    Riello UPS Sentryum

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  3. Sales Executive

    UPS systems Group together with its sister Companies DCResponse, Computer Power Protection and Powersaver Ltd provide complete turnkey power protection solutions across the UK. We require a candidate for a combined sales, key account management and new business development role.

    The role would be ideal for an individual who wants a commercial role with a technical background. It would suit an individual with a can do/ will do attitude and high degree of drive to be an active part of a target driven team.

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  4. UPS Systems plc - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Part 2

    UPS Systems plc - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Part 2


    After the popularity of the previous FAQ, here are some more frequently asked questions. You can find Part 1 here.

    UPS Systems FAQ

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  5. Sales Administrator/Junior Sales Person

    UPS Systems Group are looking for a Sales Administrator/Junior Sales person to provide support to the current sales team. Whilst building up knowledge and understanding of our company’s product and services, the successful candidate may progress to Account Manage their own customer portfolio.

    Training will be provided both internally & externally along with having the support of our existing Sister Companies’ Sales Departments. The successful candidate will ideally have experience in a customer facing role.

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  6. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Capacitors Safety Update

    Uninterruptible Power Supply Capacitors

    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued a safety warning after two Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) fires caused by overheating capacitors manufactured by ICAR of Monza, Italy. 

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  7. What causes power cuts?

    Every business these days is reliant on electricity in one way or another, whether it is for computers and server or for a whole manufacturing line.

    Not only are power cuts disruptive to the day to day work of the business, but can be damaging to sensitive systems like servers. The worst case is loss of critical data that can’t be recovered.

    Understanding the potential causes allows you to plan to mitigate them.

    Power Cuts Emergency Lighting
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  8. Product Focus - Riello UPS Vision Rack VSR

    Riello UPS Sentinel Tower STX

    Key Benefits of the Riello UPS Vision Rack VSR UPS include:

    • Automatic voltage stabilisation reduces risk of sags, surges, and brownouts
    • Up to 98% efficiency
    • EnergyShare socket allows load-shedding to extend battery runtime for critical loads
    • Plug and play installation rackmount-style UPS

    The range includes the Riello UPS VSR 800 (0.8kVA UPS) and the Riello UPS VSR 1100 (1.1kVA UPS)

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  9. What to consider when purchasing a UPS

    What to consider when purchasing a UPS

    UPS systems are the primary line of defence against power outages, therefore it’s necessary to know how long the UPS system can last and when to repair, maintain or replace it.

    A UPS is a sensitive piece of technology that contains batteries, capacitors, circuit boards and other components that are vulnerable to heat, moisture, dust and electrical disruptions.

    By understanding the various vulnerabilities of a UPS, you will understand how to ensure it keeps working optimally for as long as possible.

    Consider UPS system
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  10. Product Focus - Riello UPS Sentinel Tower STW

    Riello UPS Sentinel Tower STX

    Key Benefits of the Riello UPS Sentinel Dual STW UPS include:

    • Small footprint
    • Power factor 1
    • High efficiency 95%
    • Parallelable up to 3 units
    • 3 level inverter
    • High quality output voltage

    The range includes the Riello UPS STW 5000 (5KVA UPS), Riello UPS STW 6000 (6 KVA UPS), Riello UPS STW 8000 (8KVA UPS) and the Riello UPS STW 10000 (10KVA UPS)

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