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  1. Product Focus - Riello UPS Sentinel Dual SDU

    Key Benefits of the Riello UPS Sentinel Dual SDU UPS include:

    • Power factor 1 kW = kVA
    • Parallelable up to 3 unit
    • Simplified installation
    • Operating mode selection
    • High-quality output voltage
    • High battery reliability

    The range includes the Riello UPS SDU 5000 (5KVA UPS), Riello UPS SDU 6000 (6 KVA UPS), Riello UPS SDU 8000 (8KVA UPS) and the Riello UPS SDU 10000 (10KVA UPS)

    Riello UPS Sentinel Dual SDU

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  2. Should I backup my Additive Manufacturing?

    Additive Manufacturing is a fast-growing industry that utilises new technology to create products by adding material to them, rather than the traditional way of removing material.

    This kind of manufacturing needs a constant reliable power supply so it is essential to have power protection, but what do you need?

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  3. Product Focus on Hyundai DHY8000SELR Diesel Generator

    Key Benefits of the Hyundai Generator DHY8000SELR Diesel Generator include:

    • Equipped with a 30L fuel tank for an increased running time of up to 30 hours.
    • Single Phase, ideal for domestic use.
    • Powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled Hyundai diesel engine.
    • Produces a maximum output of 6kW / 7.5kVA.


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  4. Brand Focus - Pramac Generators

    Key Benefits of Pramac Generators:

    • Recognisable brand of generators
    • Generators use Perkins or Volvo engines
    • National engineer support
    • Reliability
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  5. EPOS Backup UPS System – Keep your sales on track

    Keeping EPOS systems running is

    essential for Retailers to make money!

    How many customers are going to wait around if there

    is a power cut and sales can’t be processed at all?

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  6. Product Focus - UPS Bypass Switches

    DHY8000SELR-T Key Benefits of our UPS Bypass Switches include:
    • Top/Bottom Full Size Gland Plates
    • Top/Bottom Cable Access
    • Aux Contacts On Manual Bypass and UPS Output
    • Easy Installation
    • Compact Size
    • All Labels Engraved
    • IP2X Voltage Measurement Holes
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  7. Product Focus - Riello UPS Multi Sentry (3 Phase)

    Key Benefits of the Riello UPS Multi Sentry (3 Phase) include:

    • Complete Range 30-200kVA
    • Small footprint
    • High efficiency of up to 96.5%
    • Zero impact source
    • Flexibility of use
    • Advanced communications
    • Covered by a Riello 3 Year standard warranty
    • 3 Phase

    Riello UPS Multi Sentry (3 Phase)

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  8. Backup Power Outlook for 2019


    The Backup Power and Data centre industry is still in a state of constant growth and evolution.

    Read to find out some backup power and data centre trends that will be critically important for 2019.

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  9. Christmas Closure Dates

    We hope you have a fantastic holiday period and enjoy the time with your family and friends!

    We look forward to working with you in the New Year!

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  10. Don't let power cuts ruin Christmas sales!

    Without power, an EPOS system ceases to function! This means that you could lose lots of sales revenue as the power cut progresses!
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